Volunteer Policy

Volunteers impact every part of Operation kindness and we rely on the talents and interests of volunteers to help fulfill our mission. The single most important thing volunteers can do to help the animals get adopted is to help them form positive associations to all kinds of people. 

Volunteer Training

All volunteers are required to participate in orientation training prior to any activity as specified in the Standard Operating Procedures. Volunteers are required to adhere to the same values, policies and procedures as paid staff. 
Minimum Age Requirements:

• 18 years old is the minimum age to independently volunteer. 

• Age 13 is the minimum age to volunteer and handle an animal with supervision by a guardian or under the supervision of an adult with a waiver signed by the legal guardian. 

• Ages 6 through 13 may volunteer with adult supervision on site with non-animal activities. 

• Ages 6 through 13 may accompany a legal guardian who is a volunteer when that volunteer walks dogs or handles cats. Children ages 6 through 13 may pet dogs or walk a dog on a dual leash under the legal guardian’s supervision and hold kittens that have been removed from the cage by the legal guardian. Children ages 6 through 13 may not walk dogs alone, even with supervision and they may not handle cats alone.

Volunteer Time Commitment

Volunteers are asked to commit at least four hours a month to Operation Kindness. 

Volunteer Compliance with Policies:

Volunteers are expected to comply with all policies and standard operating procedures at Operation Kindness. Failure to comply with policies and standard operating procedures will result in the termination of the volunteer’s status. 

Volunteer Safety:

Operation Kindness’ goal is to ensure that volunteers and animals remain safe throughout the volunteer experience. Volunteers are expected to adhere to safety protocols and should not engage with dogs or cats beyond their level of training or comfort. Volunteers who engage in activities that may injure themselves, other volunteers, staff and/or animals will not be permitted to volunteer at Operation Kindness. 

Volunteer Groups:

Volunteer groups are welcome at Operation Kindness. Operation Kindness reserves the right to limit the size of a particular group, and the timing of the visit, depending on our current needs and the impact the group may have on shelter operations. Corporate groups are required to complete volunteer training prior to spending time with animals.