Assembling and leading a world-class team prepared to take on multiple challenges and achieve unparalleled levels of success is the classic dream of every manager. KINDNESS INC. can help.

Our employee teambuilding workshop blends proven skills training with unique interactive activities with our animals to help your team hone their new skills. The result will be an educational, entertaining and engaging experience for your employees that they will long remember and appreciate.

KINDNESS INC. will help your employees:

« Enhance Communications

« Improve Individual and Team Accountability

« Boost Priorities Management

« Empower Coaching Skills

« Energize Your Team

KINDNESS INC. is ideal for groups of 10-20 employees. Lunch and a certificate of completion are included in the $250/employee training fee.

To schedule a workshop or for more information on how KINDNESS INC. can be customized for your pack, contact Lynn Handley, Director of Marketing,

Fortune 500 companies have benefitted from Kindness, Inc. Checkout our photo gallery.